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B9 Information

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They're worth the wait!

Torso Hook

Here you can see how the original torso hooks are attached to the torso. Looks like 5 (maybe even 6!) flat head screws. Also notice the gasket between the torso hook and the body.

Soil Sample Door

Nice closeup of the soil sample door. Check out the flathead screws to the right of the door - probably holding a hinging apparatus. It also looks like there are 2 more flathead screws on the left side of the door. Also notice the mark on the door - perhaps a connector to the acutator that opens the door or a mount for the soil sample mechanism.

Power Connector In the Treadesction

A good shot of where the connector is on the back of the treadsection. Looks like 4 flathead screws hold the power recepticle in place. In this shot, the connector cover is covering up the socket. Also note the two alignment holes, presumably for the power cord plug alignment.

Original Crown

Here's a shot of the original crown that I used to construct my accurate replica. You can make out the shaft collar and set screw at the bottom that connect the crown to the shaft. You can't see the rivets due to the angle of the crown in this shot.

First Season Radar Spinners

On the original studio blueprints for the radar section, the spinners are designated to be made out of clear plastic that would be left over from trimming the brain bubble. The above picture shows that the vertical spinner is definitely made of see-through plastic. Also, you can see some nice detail of the mounting arrangement used to attach the plastic to the motorized shaft.

Arms Change After First Season

Here are some enhanced pictures the arms:

On the left is a picture of the first season arm, on the right, a picture of the second season arm. I used an edge detection algorithm to highlight the differences. The first season arm has varrying peak heights, presumably so the arm can retract further back into the body. When the flimsy latex arms were replaced in the second season, the new ones were not made with alternating peak heights.

Mysterious Recess on the Inside of the Claws

There has been some discussion lately about the recess on the inside of the claw. This picture clearly shows that this is not a uniform recess. It is most likely some sort of body filler like material used to make the claws smooth.

Programming Unit Lettering

This is the way one person has described the programming unit:

Now look at this picture...

So what's the deal...

Well, the letters in the upper left hand corner are IN (something - most likey a D it seems to me).
NOT DC as had been reported.

How the Brain Bubble and Bottom Plate Are Attached

Here you can see that they used a screw that stuck through into the bubble. It's a little tough to make out, but it's a flathead screw. Four screws are used to atttach the bubble to the bottom plate, each 90 degrees apart.

If anyone has any additions or corrections, please contact Bill Kendzierski ( Thanks for your input!

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